2017 Board Members 
Dr. Angela Craig (Membership Chair)
Dr. Mark Suckow (Elections/Awards Chair)
Dr. Nate Koewler (Education/Outreach Committee)

2017 Officers

 President – Elizabeth Roby
Vice President - Erica Hollen
Secretary – Jaimie McKenzie
Treasurer – Danie Kallas

2016 Board Members 

Jaimie McKenzie (2nd year, Program and Education)
Liz Roby (1st year, Events Chair)
Jessica Mach (1st year, Awards and Elections Chair)
Robin Miller (6th year, Historian, Technician Branch RepresentativeCTAD Representative)
Cherylann Gieseke (3rd year, D6 BOT Representative)

2016 Officers

 President – Erica Hollen
President Elect- Kristen Varas 
Secretary/Past President – Heather Bogie 
Treasurer – Mary Watson 

2015 Board Members

Erica Hollen (1st year, Program and Education Chair)
Jaimie Barnes (1st year, Program and Education Chair)
Alyssa Vrieze (1st year, Events Chair)
Leslie Buenrostro (3rd year, Events Chair)
Kristen Varas (1st year, Awards and Elections Chair)
Cherylann Gieseke (2nd year, D6 BOT Representative)
Robin Miller (5th year, Historian, Technician Branch Representative, CTAD Representative)
Cheryl Griese (3rd year)

2015 Officers

 President – Heather Bogie
Secretary/Past President – Mary Watson
Treasurer – Mary Watson 

2014 Board Members

Tyra Witt (1st year)
Tina Gross (2nd year)
Cheryl Griese (2nd year)
Leslie Buenrostro (2nd year)
Cherylann Gieseke (D6 BOT Representative)
Robin Miller (Technician Branch Representative)

2014 Officers

President – Mary Watson
President Elect – Heather Bogie
Secretary/Past President – Heather Bogie
Treasurer – Melissa Carlson

2013 Board Members

Lynn Wallum (1st year)
Leslie Buenrostro (1st year)
Tina Gross (1st year)
Cheryl Griese (1st year)
Paul Berger (2nd year)
Catherine St Hill (2nd year)
Nicole Reynolds (2nd year)
Steve Hachtman (3rd year)
Robin Miller (Technician Branch Representative)

2013 Officers

President – Heather Bogie
President Elect – Mary Watson
Secretary/Past President – Tim O’Bryan
Treasurer – Melissa Carlson